About Us

MyK12Ed believes in excellence in education for all. To accomplish this goal, we have created a platform that will enable virtual education for millions of students and educators around the globe.

Students can (a) Enroll in self-paced courses, (b) Take live virtual classes, (c) Learn from a large public video library of over 20,000 videos categorized by grade, topic & common core standards in Math and (d) Prepare to earn credits by examination from an accredited institution.

Educators can (a) Offer Public and Private Courses, (b) Create and Build course material, (c) Conduct "flipped" instruction, (d) Launch and broadcast live virtual classes, and (e) Carryout "differentiated" learning.

We invite everyone who shares our vision to utilize our platform, interact with our online community of users, and help us continue to find creative ways to make educational learning accessible for everyone.

MyK12Ed is based in Canton, MI, USA. For any feedback and/or query, please contact us at info@myk12ed.com
Sohail Khan